Helping Churches Help People

Love INC of Springville, NY is an affiliate member of Love INC National. Love INC of Springville, NY operates as an independent not-for-profit 501c3 organization.

The cornerstone of the Love INC ministry is the Clearinghouse. It all begins with a phone call to our call center.

Our volunteers screen clients and help assess their financial, emotional, and spiritual needs. From there the Clearinghouse Coordinator uses our expansive network of churches and social service agencies to provide services to help end the cycle of poverty.

One of the biggest needs in the Springville area is rides to and from medical appointments, agency appointments, and other places. Most of these rides are provided with the use of the Love INC car. The drivers are all church volunteers.

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Love INC of Springville, NY

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healing happens
because of your generous support.

On a Friday morning, the office received a phone call from a single mom of two children. "Cheryl" was in desperate need of help with food. The volunteer in the office was also a Food Pantry volunteer and offered to help Cheryl with some groceries from the Food Pantry. The volunteer then encouraged Cheryl to meet with Audrey at the Love INC office.

The children's father had not been paying child support. Cheryl had not been able to work her regular hours due to medical problems. As she shared her struggles and concerns, Audrey could sense a change in Cheryl's attitude. Sometimes listening with compassion is all that is needed for healing to begin. Cheryl no longer had to worry about her children going hungry, and she knows that others care about her.

Healing happens because of your generous support.